Feisal Nanji

Executive Director, Techumen LLC

Mr. Nanji is the Executive Director at Techumen. He has extensive experience in developing and creating security programs for health, financial services, and core infrastructure clients. Overall, Feisal has over 20 years of experience in technology strategy and information security. Feisal was with Ernst & Young from 2003 – 2008. At Ernst & Young, Feisal led the National Application Security service line. While there, Feisal led a team to analyze and help remediate application and network security weaknesses for a Health Provider with an installed base of three million Electronic Health Records (EHR).

This is perhaps the largest private (non-governmental) installation of an EHR system in America. Feisal holds degrees from Harvard University and the University of Notre Dame. He has held the accreditation of Certified Information Security Systems Professional (CISSP) since 2003.

The "Biomedical Device" Security Nightmare at Hospitals. How should IT Manage this

Biomedical devices and especially those devices connected to IT networks are not going away. We live in a networked world, where one application or device needs to communicate with many upstream or downstream devices and applications to deliver safe care. We must consider biomedical devices to be an integral part of our information infrastructures and therefore we must permit and nurture their security. Doing this in a clear, uncluttered and stepwise fashion is the right start for most US hospitals today. We cannot and should not ignore this threat to patient safety.