Keith Marton

Principal , Member Board of Directors , Marton Consulting , Providence Health & Services

Dr. Marton has been involved in the development and operation of hospitals and health systems for about 40 years. In his present role as a board member of 2 health systems and consultant to leadership of other large health systems he has been involved in several merger activities and has first hand knowledge of the complexities of what makes for a successful or failed endeavor.

The Nuts and Bolts of Patient Quality and Safety in Health Care

The presentation will begin with a brief outline of the history of health care quality efforts, beginning with efforts to measure quality in the early 20th century and moving through mentions of leaders in quality development up to the present day.It will then discuss the principles and basic tools used to improve quality and safety, as well as the kinds of metrics used to monitor those efforts.It will touch upon what health care has learned from other non-medical industries.

The State of Mergers, Acquisitions, Affiliations in Health Care in the US

Consolidation of industries in the US is commonplace-look, for example, at banking, automobiles and the airline industry. Health care, as one of the largest sectors of the US economy, ought to be subject to the same forces that have lead to consolidation-yet is a late comer to this phenomenon. This presentation will discuss why health care has remained, until recently, fairly local. It will then discuss the forces that are propelling health care organizations to consolidate at a growing pace.