Tim McGuinness

Founder & CEO, PerfectReputations LLC.

Dr. McGuinness is a seasoned professional in regulatory compliance, with significant experience in both public and private sector compliance for Privacy, Security/Safeguards, Application (and Systems), and Business Process compliance. He has extensive 12 years’ experience in HIPAA regulation and compliance implementation, Co-founding Chairman of the HIPAA Conformance Certification Organization, certifications in HIPAA Privacy and Security, certified Chief Privacy Officer under HIPAA. He also has direct experience with GLBA, HIPAA, SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley), DoD DITSCAP, FDA Good Clinical Practice, FDA Electronic Records & Electronic Signatures (21CFR11), COPPA, FERPA, and is fluent in other many other regulatory environments.

Recently, he has been heavily involved in developing and refining compliance requirements for the non-traditional segments of the GLBA and HIPAA compliance communities, as well as SOX compliance. He is also extensive expertise in Dept. of Defense DITSCAP security regulatory requirements and certification, for both site and commercial products certifications. Of particular focus are regulatory harmonization compliance projects involving multiple overlapping regulatory schemas, such as: SOX + GLBA, HIPAA + GLBA, FERPA + HIPAA, FDA + HIPAA, etc.