Robert J Verdicchio

Founder and President, Verdi Enterprises, Inc.

DR. Verdicchio is an industrial scientist and formulator with more than fifty years experience in the chemical Specialties area with a specialization in Health Care and Beauty aids. He has been associated with Unilever and several pharmaceutical companies including Johnson and Johnson from which he retired in 1995.

He is the author/co-author of more than thirty patents publications and scientific poster presentations. His scientific credentials extend into a myriad of disciplines including Chemistry Biochemistry, Physics and Biology. He has an extensive knowledge of patent law, technology analysis/assessment and is well versed in Hair and Skin physiology as they apply to Cosmetic science and their application to formulation and Development of personal care products designed for consumer topical use. Prior to retirement from JNJ he was Manager of International Product development on a worldwide basis and was nominated for the Johnson’s medal which is awarded for outstanding scientific contributions. He also achieved recognition for Excellence in Science and was appointed Corporate Research Fellow for his contributions to Health Care research. He founded Verdi Enterprises a consulting and complete product development company engaged in Health Care consisting of Cosmetics Cosmeceuticals and OTC drugs designed for topical use. Verdi has consulted for a myriad of pharmaceutical companies including Johnson and Johnson, Phosphogenics (POH OTC), Gillette, Summers Labs, LeMetier de Beaute, Ivy Dry etc.