Frank D. Cohen

Senior Analyst, The Frank Cohen Group, LLC

Frank D.Cohen is the Director of Analytics and Business Intelligence for Doctors Management, a Knoxville-based healthcare consulting firm. His areas of expertise include applied statistics, data mining, predictive analytics and process improvement.

Mr. Cohen is the author of several books, including his newest, "RVUs: Applications for Medical Practice Success". Mr. Cohen has participated in and published numerous articles and studies and trained thousands of physicians, administrators, CPAs and other healthcare professionals in all areas of healthcare analytics.

His experience includes eight years as a Physician Assistant in both the Navy and as a civilian, clinic administrator and hospital CEO. His clients include hospitals, large and small medical practices, medical and professional associations, legal and accounting professionals, government agencies and other health care professionals.

Mastering the RBRVS

The RBRVS has become the industry standard for financial and statistical benchmarking for medical practices. Payers use it, CMS uses it, OIG uses it and so does just about everyone else looking to gain an upper hand on performing complex medical practice analyses. It is the most important tool in the toolbox. Used for everything from benchmarking to reengineering to process improvement strategies, knowing how to use it is no longer an option.